Toys That Kill-Sentimental Ward out now!


"Between F.Y.P, Toys That Kill, and Underground Railroad to Candyland, Recess Records label head Todd Congelliere has been churning out classic-style pop punk since 1989, and he’s basically never strayed far at all from that formula. It works, because this stuff never goes out of style and these bands keep coming up with hooks. Sentimental Ward, the latest album by Toys That Kill, is another winner. If you’re uninitiated and unsure of how forever-relevant these guys are, consider that they were hanging with The Dwarves and Propagandhi in the ’90s, and they’re hanging with Joyce Manor now. And it’s easy to see how anyone from The Marked Men to The Ergs to Tenement have pulled direct influence from them. Just like he was over two decades ago, Todd (and co-vocalist/guitarist Sean Cole) is writing instantly-sticky power pop with a true punk drive. It’s as raw, fuzzy and stripped-back as a good punk album should be. How can pop punk age well? By finding a timeless approach and sticking with it."-BV


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