Albums Label Year
The Citizen Abortion Recess Records 2001
Control The Sun Recess Records 2003
Shanked Recess Records 2006
Grabass Charlestons / Toys That Kill No Idea 2010
Fambly 42 Recess Records 2012
Sentimental Ward Recess Records 2016
Singles & EPs
Toys That Kill / The Ragin' Hormones Stardumb 2001
Toys That Kill / Fleshies GC 2003
Flys Asian Man 2004
Don’t Take My Clown Dirtnap 2005
Sister Series Vol.1 Razorcake 2006
Toys That Kill / Future Virgins Drunken Sailor 2013
Toys That Kill / Joyce Manor Recess Records 2014
JukeBox Series Jukebox 2014
The Cult Of Toys That Kill Stardumb 2014
V/A We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Water Under The Bridge 2013